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Dave Roever is the founder and president of three non-profit corporations. Of the three, Roever Foundation exists to create pathways for those who feel lost and hopeless to find their way home; to discover it is possible to live a fulfilling life, leaving the struggles of the past in the rear view mirror. Dave, and his late wife, Brenda co-founded Eagles Summit Ranch, with locations in Colorado and Texas.

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Read the Roever family story.

The Roever Foundation has a long and exciting history in support of public education, the US military, assistance to servicemen and women, and tours in military war zones.


With public speaking opportunities engaging the troops with a message of hope, Roever Foundation has reached across the globe. From military installations stateside to troops stationed in peace-keeping efforts abroad, and downrange in the height of war, we have encouraged those serving America to be resilient and stand strong.

Operation Warrior RECONnect (OWR)

Our military influence goes one step further. Roever Foundation has developed Operation Warrior RECONnect, a division that offers various programs for military, first responders, their spouses, and families to attend. These programs all contribute to the emotional health of our service members and their entire family.


The Roever Foundation has supported the efforts in public school assemblies in a like manner as military tours with inspirational speaking to over seven million students in over thirty years. Students are challenged to live with solid, moral character when faced with life’s difficulties. The examples given by the Roever Foundation speakers through their personal life stories prove that it is possible to overcome adversity.

Other Outreaches of Roever Foundation

Roever Foundation is honored to share at corporate events, business meetings, national conventions, city and state functions and various community outreaches. Sharing hope and encouragement with people is our DNA. Leaving a community better than we found it is our goal.

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Want a convenient summary of our organization? Download a brochure.

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Roever Foundation brochures are also available at our live events.

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