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With gripping humor and impact, Dave Roever brings to high school and middle school students the story of his own life as the basis of presenting successful principles to succeed in life and to overcome the traps. He spontaneously adapts his presentation to the exact audience before him, leaving them spell-bound with rapt attention. After presentations, students line up to greet him and receive personal encouragement. Students know that they have heard the truth, they are significant, and they can fulfill their destinies.


"My first and foremost goal in a public school is to connect with the student body through a message applicable to their personal needs. I've lived for many years. That’s physically. I’m probably 19 years old mentally. I still think like a young person because I work with young men and women constantly. It has been my career.


One thing that is not my goal; I do not, have not, and will not condemn students in their behavior regardless of how out of the box it may be to my own tradition and values. I do though, present through a unique story of survival in a horrible war, and a lifetime of an exciting career, to make them aware that drugs, alcohol, sex and violence are not the bridge to happiness through the incorporation of a lot of humor. I have seen in over 30 years of public education that I can get into the heart of any kid with a message of hope. Laughter is still the best medicine.


In addition to the things listed above, I bring an important and timeless message of encouragement to students who are suicidal and melancholy. This includes gothic dressed kids, drug users, alcoholics; students from broken-up relationships with parents and peers, and an assortment of many other things that tend to drive students toward self-destruction." - Dave Roever




  • Respect

  • Purity

  • Drinking and driving

  • Social media influence

  • Identity

  • Resiliency

"There are a lot of people who tell you what you cannot do. There are a lot of folks in your life who will say 'You can't do that,'" Roever said. "Don't let the world define you. You define yourself. You stand for what you believe in. You stand for what's right and good and you'll always have a job. You'll always have a purpose."

"Life is not fair, and if I could make it fair, I would for every last one of you. But I can't," he said, his voice breaking. "What I can do is encourage you to … use your pain for somebody else's gain and it will help you heal." 

"Suicide is not your solution,"
Dave said. "Think, for just a moment, who wins and who loses. You make everyone that hates you happy and everyone who loves you cries. Your life is priceless. Don’t give up and don’t ever think there’s no tomorrow.” 
“I pulled out a tube and waited to die. But then, I got hungry. I pulled the wrong tube,” Roever said laughing.

“I cannot make one scar on my body go away,” Roever said, telling students about how his hair, an ear, and some vision were lost. “I’m proud of my scars and stripes.”

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Audiences will laugh and cry as Dave communicates a message of joy in the midst of pain, and victory in the middle of tragedy. He presents hope and truth with gripping humor and heartfelt conviction.

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What Educators are saying:

“Your message resonates so clearly with all audiences. As someone responsible for providing learning opportunities for young people, I value not only your passion and humor, but also your candor. Your willingness, and your ability, to address very serious and sensitive topics that young people face is refreshing.”  Executive Secretary, Georgia FFA Association

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