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The Roever Foundation Marriage Retreat is a faith-based program offered for military and first responders and their spouses. Participants will seek to discover the truth about PTSD and the struggles within their marriage, providing couples with the support they need to successfully delve into their recovery process.

What to Expect

Classes that involve Bible-based teaching. Fellowship with couples who share an understanding of your situation. Times of reflection. An opportunity to spend time together.  Great food. Lots of love and laughter!

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How to Qualify

You must be a married couple. You or your spouse must have served in the military, as a first responder, be on active duty, or retired. You must have a desire to grow deeper in your walk with Christ.

Retreat topics include forgiveness and letting go of past hurt while identifying both spouse’s needs and expectations. Couples will leave the session knowing what a successful marriage looks like by God’s design and how to achieve it.  The last evening of the program wraps up with a banquet dinner and a vow renewal!

An application from the Warrior and another one for the Spouse are required for all Couple Retreats.

What Attendees Say

“The retreat really encouraged us and provided an opportunity to reconnect with one another without the rush of everyday life. We left very refreshed!”

Couple Retreats are free of charge, including travel, accommodations, and meals. They are supported by the generosity of churches and organizations that believe in our mission.

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Couple Retreats are currently held at our Eagles Summit Ranch in Westcliffe, CO and Junction, TX. For more information, submit an inquiry and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Ranches:    Colorado     Texas 

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