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Roever Foundation programs have been developed to prevent the repeat of the mistakes made in the Vietnam era.   Our goal is to rebuild self-esteem, confidence, and family relationships in our warriors. The term warrior is defined by Roever Foundation as; active duty military, veterans, first responders, and their families.


Most of our warriors start with a Winning with Integrity Session.   Our programs are presented in both a Christian and non-faith-based format.   In addition to the Winning with Integrity Warrior programs, we provide an annual Family Camp, Couple Retreats, Public Speaking Training,  Military Ministry Training, REAP Veteran Program, and SERE Training. 

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Stay connected with us here and on our social media. The world is constantly changing and so are we. We are continually updating our programs and what we offer. 


These members of our speaking team are endorsed by the Roever Foundation.


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Dave Roever

Founder. CEO

Matt Roever


Kathy Wampler

Director, Abide Retreats

Michael Snook

Director, Veteran Affairs

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We’re honored to share at corporate events, business meetings, national conventions, city and state functions, and various community outreaches. 

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